I work with a number of Spirit guides - without these, I would be unable to connect to your loved ones or conduct a reading.


As with any relationship, mine with my spirit guides and helpers takes time with this relationship built on love and trust. It took over a year for me to meet my current team of spirit helpers. My spirit helpers I have known in this life and my guides are only a relationship that exists in the Spirit world. Here is the main team of helpers that I work with the most:

Muriel ('Nanny')


Muriel/'Nanny' is my maternal grandmother and was my first "real" Spirit guide; as in one that I actively work with for readings, demonstrations and events. Nanny offers a mothers/grandmothers love and support. Nanny will often make her presence known to me by kissing me on the cheek.

It was only recently that I learned (from my sister and mother) that Nanny had a keen interest and curiosity with spiritualism, so it was not a surprise to them that she became a spirit helper for me.

Nanny was most interested in colour therapy and healing, and she used to practise this craft. Colour therapy is a complementary therapy for which there is evidence dating back thousands of years to the ancient cultures of Egypt, China and India. Colour is simply light of varying wavelengths, thus each colour has its own particular wavelength and energy.

Nanny passed away from this world and happily reunited with her much-loved husband, Norman in 1992.

She does enjoy my demonstrations of mediumship and psychic parties and will quite happily 'pop along' to assist me. I have learned that my abilities have been inherited through the female line in my family - my mother has the ability to see auras as well as read people, Nanny had healing abilities; I am aware that these skills extend back generations.

Norman ('Poppy')


Norman (or 'Poppy') is my maternal grandfather and was much adored by me (and everyone else who knew him).

Poppy is my latest Spirit guide, but I am certain that he was always there in the background, offering love and support. Poppy passed away in 1987.

I know that when Poppy turns up for a reading, that the sitter needs to hear sound, patient advice and he will often also provide great gardening tips too!

Poppy will often come with Nanny, they were inseperable in life and nothing much has changed in the spirit world.

Nanny and Poppy

Stanley (my Dad)

Stanley/Stan is my father. He sadly passed away from oesophageal cancer in 1993 when I was 19 years old. He was an intellectual man, always keen to read and learn new things. He loved his food (and his beer) and was always up for a party!

My relationship with Dad as my spirit helper took some time to develop. He first manifested his spiritual self to me as an eagle. I would see this eagle in my meditations, just sitting and watching me as I worked with my other guides. One day, it became apparent that this manifestation was here to offer me strength and courage. It took some time after that for this eagle to reveal himself to be my father. It was a wonderful and emotional reunion and I cherish this ongoing and active relationship.

Dad will often chide me, he truly guides and teaches me throughout my spiritual experience and will also critique my work and offer suggestions for improvement.

Other Spirit Guides

Te Poriri/Te Puriri

Te Poriri was a Maori chief, he is recorded as one of the signatories to the Treaty of Waitangi - the founding document of colonial New Zealand. His role is to provide my clients with strength, courage and wisdom. He most often helps me with public demonstrations and group readings and rarely assists with private readings.


Matthew appears to me to be a boy of about 7 years old. I first met Matthew when conducting a reading for a lady and we identified that this boy 'belonged' to her. Matthew has chosen to continue to work with me as a Spirit guide.

As with most boys of his age, he is full of energy and can be quite cheeky too! I know that when Matthew comes to help me, that I will be bringing a child through for the sitter. He helps these child energies to come forward for my client - I cherish Matthew's trust in me and his playfulness makes this a very enjoyable and uplifting process for all.

Matthew does get a little jealous when I host my ghost nights - Millie, a little girl and resident ghost, annoys Matthew and sometimes he won't talk to me for days afterwards because of 'that girl'. Imagine a petulant boy, sulking and stomping his foot and refusing to talk - bless him.


I believe her name to be Angelica and I can describe this Guide as an 8-9 foot tall female angel with long, flowing golden hair and wings that can embrace all who share her space. My Angel Lady is a magnificent energy, she provides pure, divine energy and love.

She charges me and my Guides with pure energy and every time she does this, I feel so clean, refreshed, recharged and totally connected to Spirit.

Whilst these are my own team of helpers, there is an infinite number of spirit people who assist me - I see them as glowing energies, too numerable to count.

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