Here are some of the comments and feedback from previous Meet The Residents of The Old Stone House events:


"My friend and I were tapped on our right shoulders just as Karen said that Millie was walking behind us." - Evie & Michelle

Millie gave me a message (that Karen delivered) that I should go ahead with my business plan - I had just written it that day and no one knew it even existed!
— Kasey

"Mitchell told me that I should turn the tree stump into a barbeque table - John and I had only been discussing what to do with it in the last few days. Karen hadn't been in that part of the garden." - Debbie (owner of The Old Stone House)

I got the mental image of Millie throughout the evening, it got more clear as the evening wore on. I became aware of her movement around the room and started tuning in to the messages that Karen was providing.
— Anon

"About halfway through the evening, I got the sense that a man was staring in through the windows. But every time I turned to look, there was no one there!." - Raelene