What do you mean by “interactive ghost encounter”?

I have found that when I conduct Medium readings in venues that are either haunted or spiritually charged/active, that many participants also begin to sense the presence of spirits. In some cases, participants may see (in their mind’s eye rather than their physical eyes), feel some of the physical characteristics or having a ‘knowingness’ of what the spirit is trying to say to the recipient.

This connection may be with the resident spirit (ghost) or with the spirit of someone’s loved one who is coming through to be read for them or someone else in the room.

It is this experience that makes these events “interactive”.

Will I see an actual ghost?

There is a possibility that a ghost may appear in what seems to be a physical form; you may see a ghost with your physical eyes but it is more likely that you “see” a ghost (or spirit) with your “mind’s eye” (i.e. through your third eye).

It is possible that you may feel a presence in the room; this may include a prickling sensation on the back of your neck or head, goose bumps, a tightness or pressure on your head or other parts of your body.

Please remember that Mediumship is essentially an experiment to connect to the spirit world (no matter how experienced the Medium is) and contact/connections are not guaranteed.

You talk about ghosts and spirits separately – what’s the difference?

In this context, I refer to GHOSTS as spirits that are connected to (reside) in a particular building or location. They could be a ‘memory’ of the site where their energy remains long after they have left or died.  These types of ghosts will generally be non-interactive, they could be replaying their physical life or tasks but have a consciousness of real time events or people.

You hear stories about people seeing or sensing a ghost walking through a restaurant carrying a tray, or a stableman working on a horse, a musician playing their favourite instrument, for example. It is possible for a Medium to tune into their energy and learn more about them – their name, their appearance and possibly pass on their stories.   

Another common kind of ghost is one that continues to remain part of an object or a site and remains conscious of current day activities. These are the ghosts that I can connect with and interact with (with their permission of course!). They may move around the site as if they are still alive, they are aware of us and they may make us aware of them. They may move things around, make sounds (taps, knocks, footsteps, etc.), open and close doors or windows, hide objects, talk, sing or make themselves known in other ways.

When I connect to these ghosts, I can learn far more about them, the building, events, even the people within it. I have discovered through my work that these ghosts are as curious and interested in us as we are with them; they will welcome our interaction with them and ‘play along’.

Could you imagine being invisible to everyone? It would get quite lonely, wouldn’t it? Imagine being essentially invisible but finding someone who CAN see, hear and feel you? You would be happy to have contact with someone, right? This is the same thing for them.

I refer to SPIRITS as the energy of our loved ones who have passed, those energies that are connected to US as the participants. My spirits include my Guides (some of whom are my family members), as well as other people whom I have been connected to within my life and who has now passed to the spirit world.

Your spirits may include your own Guides, as well as anyone you have ever had a connection with. This could be your extended family, friends, teachers, neighbours, friend’s family, even the local shop keeper! It is not always “Granny or Grandad” – it could literally be anyone you have ever had a connection with.

Utilising a spiritually active site makes the connection between this world and the next much easier because the veil is already thin – spirits already come and go even without the help of a Medium.

I’ve seen horror films, isn’t this dangerous?

Working with ghosts and haunted sites should never be undertaken by anyone who is not trained or experienced.

As with ‘living people’, most ghosts are really friendly, sociable and cooperative and some are unsavoury characters with unpleasant personalities and traits. If a person was an unpleasant person in life, they are likely to be equally as unpleasant in spirit – we don’t become enlightened beings, filled with light and love just because we lose our physical bodies.

Knowing this and being able to shield oneself spiritually, mentally and physically takes time, training and a whole lot of trust in one’s own Spirit ‘team’ (who act as spiritual bouncers).

Entities that are ‘evil’ or ‘demonic’ do exist and should never, ever be tampered with. I am what is called a “light worker” in that I do not work with, connect with or engage with these types of energies at no time. I may be aware of their presence and I will move myself away from these and not have any involvement with these energies at all.

Prior to any event, I undertake a reading of the site to determine the following:

  • That there is indeed spirit/ghost activity
  • That the resident ghosts allow me to work in that site (it IS their home!)
  • That the resident ghosts are willing to participate in such an event
  • That there are no evil or demonic types of energies present

This ensures that the site is active and safe for you (and me), and that the resident ghosts are willing to interact with us.

As a Medium, it is my responsibility to protect you – I ask my Guides and use my own connection with the spirit world to protect all of us both psychically and spiritually.

Why don’t they ‘go into the light’ and leave this world?

In spite of what Hollywood would have us believe, my understanding is that the ghosts and spirits are aware of ‘the light’, it is merely a portal between this world and the next. They can come and go as they please – we don’t need to send them there or ‘show them the light’ because it is there and available to them at all times.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, some energies are merely memories stamped into the fabric of the site.

What you need to know

  • We are entering THEIR home – please treat the ghosts with respect (no taunting or teasing, for example);
  • This is an event intended to engage and interact with ghosts and connect to spirits – it is not to agitate, upset, ridicule or otherwise disrespect the ghosts who reside there or the spirits who choose to participate;
  • Please also respect the current owners, residents, staff – they have opened their doors and allowed us in to their much-loved building;
  • Please respect all attendees – we all have different backgrounds, opinions and experiences of the paranormal, spirituality and religion; please respect the beliefs and values of others, even if it is contradictory to your own or challenges your comfort level;
  • The burning of sage, smudging, scrying and other cleansing or psychic/spiritual related activities are strictly prohibited – we are there to engage and interact, not to cleanse the building;
  • Do not go into any part of the building that is not open for the general public (that would be rude and is an invasion of privacy);
  • Any demonstrations of Mediumship is an experiment to connect with and contact the spirit world; as such no guarantees are made that any connection will be successfully made;
  • Attendance at the event does not guarantee a reading;
  • No photography, video or other recording devices are permitted at the event (unless authorised). This includes EMF readers, thermal imaging devices and other specialised paranormal investigation equipment;
  • If you are interested in a personal, guided tour of the premises (in a small group) time please speak to me after the event for more information and to book.