Karen Baldwin    Photo credit: Trish Grice from RT Photos

Karen Baldwin

Photo credit: Trish Grice from RT Photos

Karen Baldwin is a Canberra-based Medium. In this video she introduces her story and explains how after initially ignoring her psychic abilities, she finally embraced them, continued training and now offers services to a growing number of people. You are welcome to contact Karen directly or follow her on social media.

Karen has always been fascinated by psychics (and sceptical too), she always wondered and was curious at how a psychic could read people and talk about a possible future. This curiosity into all things spiritual began a journey for her in the late 1990's when she brought a book called "The Truth about Neo-Paganism". This lead her down the path of exploring paganism and Wicca.

She was fortunate enough to work with a number of people who shared a similar interest in psychics, paganism, Wicca and the like. Through these connections, she attended events organised by the Pagan Alliance Network in Sydney such as the solstice markets. It was at one of these markets that she had a reading by a druid, he identified that Karen had some abilities as a hedge witch or similar but required training. She asked him how she could get this training and experience.

His advice was "you need to find your guru, your teacher. Not only do you have to be willing to learn, they have to be willing to teach you".


Karen was unable to find her guru, her teacher and she gave up on this quest, particularly when she decided to move to Canberra, ACT.

Because she considered Canberra a very conservative place and she wanted a professional career, Karen cast aside her hopes, dreams and desire to learn about her own spiritual connection. She threw out all her books, crystals, cards, runes, etc. and decided that that aspect of her life had no place in her new life in Canberra - how wrong could she be!

Karen was invited to attend a spiritual church by a friend; Karen had been to a similar church in New Zealand on one occasion and enjoyed the spiritual healing aspect. There was also a medium conducting a demonstration but she was not impressed as she felt the medium was not genuinely connecting to Spirit. So Karen went to the service with her friend with no expectations about any kind of spiritual connection.

During this service, Karen allowed a healer to do some healing on her. Karen said nothing to the healer about her shoulder injury and chronic headaches - in fact, she only said hello. After the healer finished, she whispered in Karen's ear that she wouldn't get quite so many headaches if she covered her neck at work! Karen also experienced a really pleasant sensation of warm oil being poured over her shoulder. After this, Karen had no more shoulder pain and she has always covered the back of her neck in winter.

The medium began their demonstration by pacing up and down in a way that was very familiar to Karen, the medium then started clenching and unclenching their hands which Karen also recognised. The medium started to describe the spirit and Karen identified that this was her father who had died over 10 years earlier. The medium went on to give more evidence, the clincher was an inherited watch that had initials engraved on the back - this was the irrefutable evidence that Karen needed to confirm that it was indeed her father coming through.

After the reading, Karen asked how a person could talk to the dead like that, she was told that the reader was a medium and had developed an ability to connect to spirit and also to the energy of loved ones. Karen was fascinated by this but never considered that she might have any ability herself.

She dismissed this for many years and got on with life, studying, working, raising a family and life in general. Karen graduated university with a Bachelor of Economics in 2009.


Karen took a trip to Wagga, stopping in at Monte Cristo in Junee on the way home. She was always aware that she was sensitive to ghosts and could usually identify if a building was haunted, but that was the extent of it. She was looking forward to the tour of Monte Cristo because she knew that this building was recognised as the most haunted house in Australia. Yes, she experienced spirit activity, with headaches in some rooms and general creepiness in other areas. She dismissed most of this as an over-active imagination.

A year or so later, she was staying at a friend's farm as a little holiday. She knew that there had been a death on the property and joked about the place being haunted with her partner at the time. At 4am every morning, both Karen and her partner heard a cupboard door squeaking closed and clicking shut - every morning. They went into the room this happened in and ensured all the cupboard doors were closed before going to bed - they were all securely closed! yet every morning there was the squeak, then click. They left the next day.

A short time after this, Karen bumped into a friend of hers (who introduced her to the spiritual church) and he advised that he was running a psychic development workshop and would she like to attend? Of course Karen jumped at this opportunity. It was only through this workshop that she identified that the imaginary friend, the 'knowingness', the visions in her head, the voices and everything else she had put down to coincidence, mental health issues and her imagination or just silliness was actually her own psychic and medium abilities.  

She learned that while she cannot see an aura to save herself, she is able to tune into and read a person's energy, she can also raise her own energy frequency to communicate with her own spirit guides. Her spirit guides enable her to connect to the passed loved ones of her clients/sitters.


Karen describes herself as the 'accidental medium' because it is by pure accident that she discovered that she had these abilities. She enjoys being able to connect to Spirit and to utilise her skills and abilities to provide guidance and reassurance to her clients.