My Spirit Guides - are they REALLY important? (like...really, really??)

Question: How often do your guides contact you and can you turn them off?

I recently asked (on my Facebook page) for requests and ideas on what you guys want me to write about....this one is for Michelle!

Michelle posted: "I would love to read about how often your guides contact you & can you turn them off?"

Karen's Answer

I'll endeavour to answer to the best of my ability, so here goes....

I work with a whole bunch of guides, helpers, healers, angels and the like all from the Spirit World. I call them "my team" for ease of reference. There are so many different energies that help me and work with me.

I started out with one helper/Guide - my wonderful, beloved Grandmother (Nanny) - bless her heart, she was mad for spiritualism herself so she relishes and rejoices in being the first helper and significant part of my team.

As I developed and travelled along the road of mediumship, I became aware of more helpers and Guides - these include my Grandfather (Poppy, Nanny's husband), Matthew (a little boy - he only ever comes out to play when I need to bring a child through in Spirit), Te Puriri/Poriri (a Maori Chief who only ever helps me for a group event or show/demonstration). My father made himself known to me over time - at first I was aware of an eagle which I took to be my Spirit animal/totem animal. In the fullness of time this eagle morphed into my father and what a reunion that was! he explained that he didn't reveal himself to me to start with because I needed to be patient, to allow my own spiritual connection to strengthen over time and to allow the relationship to evolve in it's own time and way....and not be spoon-fed everything. Yep, sometimes the lessons from the Spirit World can be a little hard but it is always for good reason!

I then welcomed my guardian angel - I'm still a little hazy on her name (it's a lot like Angelica, but TBH it doesn't really matter)....she envelops me in her warm, loving energy which comes straight from the Divine - it's a love that knows no bounds and she often cradles me in her arms as if I were a small's quite a beautiful experience and always leaves me feeling loved, healed and full of warm fuzzies.

As I have progressed, I am aware of more and more Spirit people - glowing beings of light wo come forth to help guide me, give me love, healing, inspiration and always, always fills me (and my soul) with pure, loving, energy from the Divine source. There are literally too many to count - when I "Sit in the Power" I am aware of their presence - they will come and come in droves. I am not overwhelmed, I am not scared or frightened because their role is to come join me for union and is the role of the Medium to be the one who walks with feet in both worlds and to be the mouthpiece for our friends in the Spirit bring messages of guidance, comfort, reassurance and inspiration to those who seek me out.

Yes, I need to be able to switch it off (or at least turn it down) because there is a time and place for everything. They want to work with me as much as I want to work with them...sometimes "they" can be a bit bossy, excitable and start distracting me from the day to day - it's nice and all but it doesn't help me when I am sitting in a meeting for my day job and I need to focus on my work. I cant be dealing with someone in Spirit knocking on my proverbial door!

We have an understanding that there is a time and a place - not everywhere or every TIME is suitable...I enjoy socialising, shopping, going to the movies or seeing a show as much as the next person. I enjoy going to friends homes for parties and barbecues - I don't want to be "that guy" who always seems to "whip out a dead person"...I also need my own time to live my physical life. They know that when I need them that I will call to them...and they will come.

Sometimes there is literally a pressing matter that needs to be dealt with during the normal course of my I offer the opportunity if it is appropriate to whomever I might be speaking to...fortunately most people who know me know that I am a Medium. So I say "you know what I do, yes? sometimes I am made aware of someone wanting to make a connection to someone here. I feel that I may have someone here with me right now who wants to talk to you - are you comfortable with me giving you a reading?" and I take it from there. If they say "no thanks" I let the Spirit person know that their contact is not wanted at this time and tell them to go - they are always respectful and do as their told. But I let them go with the reminder that should my sitter want to have the reading in the future, they are welcome to return, to pick up where we left off - I can't force a reading on someone!

A new member of my team is a great, great, great(?) Grandmother (on my mothers side) - she helped me through my operation, she came through loud and clear in a healing trance meditation (in that her message and healing came through, I didn't speak in direct voice) and she has generally been making more of an appearance. Sometimes I am very aware of her and some of my family being a recent psychic expo she had a great time, wandering around the stalls, buggering off to watch the stage demonstrations and the like. She thought it was GREAT! and of course she helped with some of my readings. Bless her heart.

She's a fascinating woman, I suspect that researching her life will lead me on a great journey of discovery...of myself and of her records. So much information she provided during the trance - I am lucky that my mum was on hand to take notes as I cannot remember it much at all! and that is a story for another blog....

Until kind and love yourself as much as your dog loves you :)


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