A big thank you for last night Karen. I felt so happy my grandmother (Nana) came through and was just so respectful for what you do and I am sure you helped a lot of people last night I could feel it.

(Feedback from the Meet the Residents of The Old Stone House, February 2016)

Thank you Karen. Lots of accurate verifiable information as well as lots to ponder. Your insights are greatly appreciated.
— BF, Canberra, Australia

Karen came to give me a reading yesterday. She is brilliant! I had 3 grandparents come through with advice, a childhood friend and a reading on ...my still living cat!

It was a lovely confirmation that my beloved grandparents are still around and keeping an eye on me. It was confirmed what I had always felt about my cat picking me, and a few surprises about her.

Thank you so much Karen.

To anybody thinking about a reading I cannot recommend Karen highly enough, she touched on so many things that she couldn't have known about my grandparents, school friend and the cat. You won't regret it.

-Laura, Canberra, Australia

Had the amazing Karen over tonight to do a reading for me - so has validated a lot of what I know to be true but scared to do for fear of being wrong. It was funny, I knew my grandma would come through. I’m so happy to hear [my daughter] is going to have the gift along with her brother. Karen is awesome, highly recommend and so easy to talk to. I can’t wait to do again!
— LR, Canberra, Australia

Thank you, thank you, thank you!... you're fantastic!!!! Love, love, love ya!

- KH, Auckland, New Zealand

I had my very first reading in person with Karen and all I can say is WOW!! 

I was extremely nervous and excited all at once and she managed to calm me down beautifully and got me to focus. 

We started with a palm reading and then went on to the mediumship which was articulate, concise and very funny at times, especially when a child (my 4th unborn) came through and gave her a hard time as well as an ex-boyfriend who popped in but I silently asked to leave, which he did!! 

Before the reading, I had set the intention to hope to meet one of my spirit guides and Karen managed to bring them through, it was amazing!! 

The messages I received were a joy to hear and confirmed so many things for me.  The one hour reading went so quickly that I could’ve easily spent much more time with her.  I will be booking Karen again for another reading in 12 months time and highly recommend her services to anyone wishing to connect with the other side.
— LZ, Canberra, Australia